Let’s play a fun matching game to learn about the different land and water forms that exist in the world!

Before you begin, you will need blue and brown colored pencils or crayons, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and all printed activity sheets.

  1. First, using the example page provided, review how the land and water forms should be paired together.
  2. Next, let’s create our matching game!
  3. Color the gray area with blue to represent water
  4. Color in the white spaces with brown to represent land
  5. Cut out each land and water form picture
  6. Cut out each definition and paste it on the back of its matching land or water form

When you are done, see if you can play a matching game with each landform and its opposite water form with yourself, a grown-up, or sibling! (hint: the opposites are paired on the same page before you cut them out)

Download Activity Sheet:

Note to parents

You can use this activity as a jumping-off point to discuss different types of land and water forms. As an extension activity to this lesson, see if you can find some examples of islands, lakes, and other forms introduced in an internet image search. See if you can look at where some of these land and water forms might be in your own neighborhood, region, or state. Print out these pictures and place them beside each land and water form from the print out to see real-life examples.