About Tiny Travelers

Tiny Travelers is a celebration of the world. Founded by a team of parents with multicultural backgrounds, Tiny Travelers was created with the mission to help families embrace the diversity that makes our world the special place that it is. At home, or on-the-go, through immersive storytelling, and engaging activities and games, Tiny Travelers takes families on an adventure across the globe by celebrating the beauty of each culture along the way.

About Encantos 

Encantos is an award-winning B-Corp with a mission to entertain, educate, and inspire kids in the diverse and digital age. Encantos builds purpose-driven direct-to-consumer family brands that incorporate 21st-century learning, literacy and life skills – all connected by culture. As an entertainment education company, Encantos creates, designs, develops, licenses, and markets a diversified portfolio of award-winning family brands. These include the Emmy-nominated bilingual preschool brand Canticos, the travel brand Tiny Travelers, and the bravery brand Skeletitos. Based in Culver City, CA, Encantos is a proud female-owned public benefit corporation that puts diversity, equality, and inclusion at the heart of everything it creates.

About the Creators

Steven Wolfe Pereira

Named by Adweek as one of the “50 Most Indispensable Executives in Marketing, Media and Tech”, Steven is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Encantos. Born in Mount Vernon, New York to a Dominican immigrant mom and an American dad, Steven has always been inspired by a world of culture and has lived and traveled all over the globe, visiting over 75 countries.

Susie Jaramillo

An Emmy-nominated Director and award-winning artist and creative director, Susie is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Encantos. Born in Valle De La Pascua, Venezuela to an Irish-American mom and a Venezuelan dad, Susie believes in the power of creativity and culturally-authentic storytelling and is the creator of Encantos’ #1 bilingual preschool brand Canticos.

Educator | Librarian Guide

Use this guide to support meaningful conversation and learning experiences while engaging learners with the Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest books.

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Now more than ever, it’s important that our kids know that a great big beautiful world exists beyond their own homes. 🌍 With your help, we can bring the world to them. Introducing @gotinytravelers’ #OneBigWorld campaign! For every post shared with #OneBigWorld, Tiny Travelers will make a donation to @unicefusa

There Are Two Ways You Can Participate:

Option One: Record a 60 second or less video that shares something you love about where you and your family are from.

Option Two: Share a travel photo of you or your family and write a caption sharing something you love about where your family is from.

Share it using #OneBigWorld and be sure to tag @gotinytravelers so we can share as well! Your post can be about anything you love about the world 🗺💙

For more, check out our website: www.tinytravelers.com/onebigworld #OneBigWorld
Whether it’s crêpes 🥞, sushi or Mexican hot chocolate (the recipe is up on our Encantos Learning Hub right now!) there’s no better way to learn math, science + social studies all in one than cooking together! 😍 Have your Tiny Travelers been busy in the kitchen lately? Tag us in any pictures! 👩‍🍳
Tiny Travelers come in all shapes and sizes. 💙 Today, on Autism Awareness Day, we want to celebrate understanding, appreciation and acceptance.
Eileen from @theautismcafe wrote some beautiful words we want to share:
‘’Since autism affects so many people secondhand, today I want to shed some light on those who live with and love someone with autism.
I want to honor the little brother who loves with all his heart, no matter how much he gets pushed away. No matter whether he’ll ever get to play a game with his brother or will forever be trying to teach.
I want to honor the therapists who chose to dedicate their time — so much time — to helping those who fight to learn the most basic skills.
I want to honor the parents who try so hard to give their children the best life despite the obstacles in their way.
I want to honor the teachers, always adapting to autistic students so they have a chance at learning as much as anyone else.
I want to honor the grandparents who will never hold a conversation with their grandchild, but still love them with every fiber of themselves, and brag about them even more than the other grandparents.
I want to honor everyone affected by autism, whether firsthand or second. Autism is complicated, but there’s one truth for all families with autism: love has no words, and autism teaches us humbling lessons that grow us in ways we never wanted, but we’d never give up.⁣’’
‘’What a perfect time to discover The Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest series. We can’t leave home, but the kids still loved journeying through Mexico, Puerto Rico, and China. Not only did my trio get to explore what makes these countries and their cultures so special, but the books re-lit that travel spark and got us planning. Now I’m missing the food from China and Wesley is looking at flights to Puerto Rico so we can go boating in a bioluminescent bay (did you know that was a thing?!?)’’ - Jennifer from @wonders_within_reach

Hola Tiny Travelers! Who’s ready to explore Mexico!? 🇲🇽 This week on the Encantos Learning Hub we’ll be covering everything about this beautiful country, from its culture to its animals and much, much more! 💚🤍❤️
On the Encantos Learning Hub itinerary this week: We’ll kick off the week learning about North America before diving into beautiful Mexico! 🇲🇽 We’ll be exploring Mexico’s geography, culture, language, animals & much more! 🌎

Find all daily, printable lessons at encantosbrands.com/learning (also linked in our bio!) 🗺💙 Don’t forget to tag us in any pictures of your #TinyTraveler learning about the world with us this week!
Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t explore... check out @aislaeats’s trip around the world! She visited France, the Philippines, Ireland, Mexico and the Netherlands without ever leaving the house! 😍🏠

Tiny Travelers - which one is your favorite shot? We can’t choose! 🌎💙
Teotihuacan Pyramids Mexico City
They were also built 2,400 years ago - by hand! Who built them is a total mystery, as they were already there when the Aztecs arrived in Mexico. 🇲🇽

Explore Mexico from home (and learn more about the Teotihuacan pyramids!) with the Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest series. 💛
Imagination is the path to everywhere. ✨

Join us on an exciting adventure around the globe, right from home! 🏡 It’s a big world out there with LOTS to discover and #TinyTravelers everywhere are discovering just how fun learning can be! 🗺🔍
Have you heard about our new, online Encantos Learning Hub? Our fun Tiny Travelers printout lessons use the theme of travel to teach kids 8 and under about geography, language, history and culture! This week we’ll be continuing to learn about the world as a whole including a look at where animals live, the oceans, and much more! 🐘🦩🦘

Download & print at encantosbrands.com/learning (also linked in our bio!), and don’t forget to tag us in any pictures of your #TinyTraveler learning about the world with us this week! 🗺
Tiny Travelers - there’s so much to do at home! 🙌 From backyard adventures to colorful paintings (like @brookandpeony’s here!), there’s a fun, new activity around every corner.

Parents - check out our new, online Educational Hub, where you can find fun, printable lessons every day of the week! 🗺 Find it via the link in our bio.
Winter Park, Florida
It’s the first day of Spring! 🌷 If it feels a little early, that’s because it is! This year’s season is coming in earlier than any other year in the past century. 🍃

With everything going on in the world, we’re looking forward to celebrating the new season in our own backyards... there’s so much to do. 😍 One of our favorite educational activities is gardening! @kinzieriehm and her kids here show us how fun your own backyard can be. 🧑🏾‍🌾🌳

Plan Now, Explore Later: Spring is the perfect time to see the pink cherry blossoms in Japan! 🌸 Can’t wait? You can now pre-order Tiny Travelers Japan!! 👏 We’re so excited to soon be exploring the Land of the Rising Sun. Check it out on our website!

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