Now, that you have learned about the different continents and the countries within them, let’s learn about the oceans of the world.

There are seven continents and five oceans on the planet. Before you get started, you will need five different colored crayons or colored pencils in various shades of blue and green as outlined in the instructions.

Color each ocean as follows:

  • Pacific Ocean: Teal or Turquoise
  • Atlantic Ocean: Dark Blue
  • Indian Ocean: Blue
  • Arctic Ocean: Light Blue
  • Southern Ocean: Light Green

Then, cut out some of the ocean animals provided (sheet 3) and add them to your map! You will need a glue stick and scissors for this part.

Download Activity Sheet:

Note to parents

Some children will benefit from reading aloud the directions and making sure they know what each ocean is and how to color it accordingly. Of course, there can be slight variations on the colors if you do not have one of the shades of green or blue. The main idea is that children understand even though it looks like one big body of water, there are names to different oceans around the world.