Today, let’s take a look at a political map.

Political maps show you the borders of different countries. Before you begin, you will need crayons of all colors and for the second part of the activity, you will need an orange, green, blue, purple or pink, and black marker. Grab an atlas as well so you can see the names of the countries!

1) Color your world map.
2) Then, when you are done, draw a star or place a dot with an orange marker on the countries where you have family members living today or where they are from. Ask a family member where your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins live today or might be from.
3) With a green marker, draw a circle on the countries where you have family friends or friends living today.
4) With a blue marker, make a check or place a dot to countries you have visited.
5) With a purple or pink marker place a heart on the countries you would like to visit someday.
6) With a black marker place a question mark of at least 3 places that you would like to learn more about.

Download Activity Sheet:

Note to parents

Help your kids think about family and friends, where they live and where they are from. Remind them of the places they have visited and ask them where they would love to travel to someday. Ask them what they are curious about. Then, help develop inquiry by asking them what places they would like to learn more about and why? What questions do they come up with?

Now that you’ve learned the names of the continents through your coloring activity, see if you can correctly name them here on this Continents Quiz Map.

Grab a pencil and a printed copy of this Continents Map Quiz and see if you can correctly name each continent by the number on the map.

Be sure to turn over your previous map- no peeking allowed!

Did you get all seven right?

Download Activity Sheet:

Note to parents

Use the answer sheet to show learners the correct continent names once they have completed the activity.

Let’s learn about the seven different continents.

Before you begin, you will need yellow, blue, green, orange, red, pink, and white or gray crayons or colored pencils.

Color the Continents in the Following Colors:

  • Africa: Yellow
  • North America: Blue
  • South America: Green
  • Europe: Orange
  • Asia: Red
  • Australia: Pink
  • Antarctica: White

Download Activity Sheet:

Note to parents

This is a great introductory lesson to teach basic geography skills to preschool and kindergarten learners. Kids will learn the names and locations of each continent with this fun coloring activity.