In today’s lesson, we will learn about the flags of different countries within the Caribbean islands.

Did you know that each flag carries a special meaning? For example, the two black triangles in the Jamaican flag represent overcoming hardships from the past and future. The two green triangles represent hope and good farming while the yellow cross represents soil and sunlight in the sky of Jamaica. The flag colors in Trinidad and Tobago, represent Earth, water, and fire. Black is a symbol of unity and strength, red a symbol of the energy and warmth of the sun, and white for the sea that unites the two principal islands. The colors in flags represent the beliefs and values of each country. The flags of the Caribbean are all unique but they have some similarities in their designs.

Today, let’s bring to life some of the flags from the Caribbean islands! Using the examples provided, create, and color your own flags. When you’re done, cut them out and string together to form your own flag banner! Come back tomorrow for more flags from the Caribbean islands for part 2 of this lesson.


  1. Color the country flags to match the flag examples. Then, cut out each flag.
  2. Decide where you will put your flag banner and cut a piece of yarn for the size that you want.
  3. Cut the fold over the top area of the flag and hook it over the piece of yarn.
  4. Then, tape the folded part to the back of the flag.
  5. Add it to your string and collect more flags of the Caribbean islands in part 2 tomorrow.